AFRA Committee
AFRA Chairman
Liz Romyn

I have been riding since I was 4 (nearly 60 years!) and my family has been riding on the Forest for over 20 years. We used to box in with my daughters ponies, and since we moved to Nutley my youngest daughter regularly hacks her eventers from our private yard. We also breed from some of our retired event mares, so usually have a few youngsters around, as well as a very naughty miniature shetland. We have been in Nutley for 2 years, when I joined AFRA - and I have been on the committee for 18 months, and recently took on the role of Chairperson. After years of exercising fit competition horses round busy lanes, what a joy to be able to enjoy hacking on the Forest - what a pleasure it is to take in the beautiful scenery come rain or shine from horseback - I am thinking of getting a suitable elderly mount so I dont feel over-horsed on Lucy's fit eventers!

AFRA Secretary
Jane Green

I have ridden now for about 10 years having started at the ripe old age of 52 after I did some pony treking in Canada and deciding to have lessons when I got home! I ride from King's Standing, usually about three times a week, so am able to enjoy a fairly large area of the forest.

I don't own my own horse but have a loan which works very well for me. I live in Crowborough and am in my second year as an AFRA committee member.

AFRA Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Mary Anderson-Dixon

I have lived in Nutley for 13 years and ride out from King's Standing. I have ridden from childhood and had two horses of my own for a number of years. However, I stopped riding for about 20 years but came back some 10 years ago and now loan a horse. I normally ride three times a week over quite a wide area of the forest.

I have been an AFRA committee member for about one and a half years.

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